My Personal Review Of Workout Buddy X Home Workout Plan

If you are like me, you have tried every workout plan and exercise routine out there. I am a middle aged women that has had three children and live stressful life, AKA fat middle! I have tried other workout videos and programs before like P90x and similar exercise plan. These are great fitness plan if you are in your twenties and maybe just a little over weight. But I am 47 and fat and can’t even come close to keeping up with the routines.

So I started searching the internet for home workout plans, I came across Workout Buddy X workout site. It pretty cool it will help you make a workout plan online. Some of the features that I found to be interesting is that it’s totally online and no DVD’s. One of the features that caught my eye was that each workout has 3 levels, easy to hard. This was something I was hoping for, being I was so out of shape and other exercise routines really don’t offer.

To make a long story short I ordered Workout Buddy X total body workout online program. They offer a 30 day free trial and it’s only $10.00 a month, about $18.00 less per month than the gym membership I used about 5 time in the last year!

Some of the key features of Workout Buddy X

  • Online personal trainer free
  • Exercise plan for beginners
  • Online tracking of your workouts and results
  • Exercise plans for women and men
  • Workout videos online No DVD’s
    My Before And After Picture

    I have never felt so good in my life! I have always been very fat, until Workout Buddy X

  • Customized exercise plan for your goal, level & body-type
  • Free auto-tracking workout calendar and web-tools
  • Free comprehensive fat loss nutrition eBook

Okay so here is my review, of coarse I was very excited to get started!
The first thing I did was look around at all the Workout Buddy X website had to offer, there is a lot!
At first I was a little over taken by all the information, and how the whole thing worked. Lets just say they have great support for techno idiots like myself!

Week One: make a workout plan online

So I went into this home workout plan with writing a review in mind, just something to keep me motivated.
In the first week I jumped in with both feet, well at least for the first two days the third day I got lazy again. The forth day I remembered my commitment to a good exercise routine. For the next three days I pushed myself to stay on track. So at this point I have 5 days of working out, about 2 hours total.

I used the easiest workout level, it’s really a pretty good exercise routine. I didn’t really feel as if I was getting wow results from it, so I jumped on the scale. I was happy to see I had lost weight 3 pounds, it’s only three pounds “but hell yeah” 3 pounds!


Week Two: weight loss workout routines

With the weight loss results I saw in week one, I really had no problem getting motivated with my exercise plan. After all it seems to be a great workout routine for weight loss and that is my goal. I also thought I would take full advantage of the free personal trainer resources. I worked with Kelly, to find the best exercise plans for women like myself. She was awesome at giving me advise and pointing out some of the mistakes I made in week one and what would be best for me to lose more weight.

In week two I started with my new exercise plan, I started exercising every other day for a total of 4 days and I also stepped it up to the level 2 workout plan. Level 2 is a bit harder, but I felt so good afterwards and my energy level is great! Again I waited until the end of the week to get on the dreaded scale. I have to say I was a little disappointed in my results, I had only lost 2 pounds! Really 2 pounds is pretty good, but after 3 pounds the week before it was a let down.

Week Three: fat loss nutrition plan

So with my week two results being a little disappointing I took advantage of the personal trainer resource again, apparently eating some of the crap I do isn’t the best nutrition plan! But I already knew this, we all think we can eat pizza rolls dipped in cheese sauce and loos weight right?
So another one of the benefits of Workout Buddy plan is the Free eBook fat loss secrets nutrition guide.

I am sticking with my every other day workout plan and still using level 2, However with a couple of weeks behind me level 2 doesn’t seem so hard! It must be the subject matter at hand here, but I am eating Oreo cookies as I type. (only 2)
So after reading the fat loss nutrition guide, I incorporated better eating habits into my weight loss plan. My kids and hubby are not happy about it, but I make the meals!

So at the end of week three and not feeling so dreadful I went to my scale, I am starting to like my scale these day! I am so freaking happy I have lost 3 more pounds! So in three weeks 8 pounds, that’s like a bag of potatoes!

Please check back for more results of my exercise plan